Business Model

National Poultry Company (NPC) is the number one producer of poultry in Jordan and a leader in export markets in the sector of poultry and the meat processed products. NPC is a vertically integrated company. It controls its production cycle from breeder’s chicks, feed supply, hatching, rearing, slaughtering, meat processing and distribution of final product in the Jordanian market and to neighboring Arab countries. NPC is a unique integrated business that ensures traceability through all stages of the production chain. NPC commenced operation in 1997 and conducts its operations under stringent rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 9001 & HACCP in all its manufacturing facilities. The major products offered are whole chicken, cutup chicken– fresh and frozen alongside a wide range of processed meat products like breaded chicken breast, chicken nuggets, chicken escalope, chicken and meat burgers…etc). Moreover, the meat processing plant produces a wide range of canned meat under different owned brand names as well private labels. The wide range of product is developed to meet different market channels either at local or export markets.

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