Water Management


Water consumption is a serious part of the business operation. The National Poultry Company has developed systems to monitor water consumption at each company site.

The most important system is the one at the slaughterhouse which enables the monitoring and analysis of water consumption and implements corrective actions immediately once needed.

NPC also runs a water recycling project. It is a big investment managed by a quality service team for the purpose of recycling the water that is used during the production process.

NPC’s modern waste water treatment plant, which is part of the business operations of the slaughterhouse, converts the neighboring desert areas to green land.


The National Poultry Company has a dedicated energy management team at each of its sites.
Energy consumption is considered a vital part of the business as it is major throughout the production cycle. Each site is supported by the most developed system that ensures right and proper use of energy; clear procedures and control methods for the ventilation, lighting, heating system at the breeder, broiler farms and hatchery are implemented.

The slaughterhouse and meat processing plant are supported with highly developed refrigeration and compression systems for energy management and control. Cold rooms, freezing units and final product warehouses are also supported with cooling systems that ensure energy saving and product safety.

And to optimize energy consumption, NPC is considered a leader in utilizing and reusing chicken fat. Part of the slaughterhouse operation is the rendering plant that converts chicken fat to energy.

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