The National Poultry Co. operates according to the latest scientific and technical methods of breeding and producing poultry in an integrated method starting with providing and producing production inputs, and ending with processing and manufacturing meat to be widely distributed.

Specifications and categories of the range of items are produced with the most accurate quality standards and requirements of local and global health standards. Providing products that have been controlled in all its production process to be healthy and special allows us to gain the consumers’ confidence and satisfaction.

In order to achieve these objectives, NPC adopted the quality management implementation (ISO 9001: 2008), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and FSSC 22000. NPC is always working to develop these systems and review its objectives based on quality management system procedures.


The National Poultry Company (NPC), the leader in the poultry industry in local market, believes and adopts the farm-to-fork food safety concept by implementing food safety systems and quality management assurance systems that lead to safe and quality products that meet or exceed consumers’ expectations.

Strict procedures, clear documentation, defined methods of control and audited practices for each step throughout the operation process are in place to ensure food safety. Independent quality department of qualified team is responsible for the strict implementation of the food safety system and the quality assurance programs across operation sites.

Special education and training programs are designed for the operational team at each step of production process to ensure the implementation of food safety systems and quality assurance programs.

Random lab analysis for poultry and processed meat is frequently implemented to ensure that final products meets the standards.

On the product packaging bags or boxes, clear information for consumers about product handling, storage and (product preparation for whole chicken, cutup (we don’t provide this info)), and processed chicken and meat is explained.
Moreover, employees receive a medical examination prior to employment and this test is repeated every six months and a valid health certificate is issued each time.


The mission of the quality department of the National Poultry Company is to maintain the high quality standards at all operation cycle of receiving, production, packing, transportation and at all of the business entities started from the breeder farms up to the final product either in chicken (fresh and frozen, whole and cutups) or the meat process products.

A well clear procedures and documentation are in place at all business cycle (Breeders, Hatchery, Boilers, Feed mill, Slaughterhouse, meat process plant, warehousing and distribution).

In site laboratories of the National Poultry Company are advanced and well equipped to performs all the required testing in terms of microbiology, chemical and sensory evaluation for all incoming materials and final products
Criteria and methods of control are defined to meet the high quality standard and to ensure the traceability at all the stages.


Bio-security rules are implemented through the business operation cycle.


A strict and comprehensive program for maximum productivity and good health status of parent flocks is applied. Hygienic conditions are maintained through all egg handling procedures. The hygiene program includes site cleaning, site bio-security and disposal of dead birds. It includes cleaning the internal and surrounding areas. Strict hygiene program includes visitors and employees.


Health monitor program is applied to identify any risk at early stages.
Special and suitable vaccination/treatment programs are adopted with monitoring of their effectiveness.


Sanitation and cleaning activities are seriously treated at all locations of the business cycle. These include:
Breeder farms, broiler farms, feed mill, hatchery, slaughterhouse, meat processing plant.

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