Waste recycling

The National Poultry Company believes in and adopts the international guidelines of protecting the wellbeing of humans and the environment.

Clear procedures are implemented to minimize the quantity of waste that results from different operation cycles. Special programs at each business entity take place for the purpose of reducing and managing the waste in raw material, packaging material, products, tools, equipment, etc.

In each business cycle, a waste sorting process is done to analyze the waste and proceed with each according to its nature and quantity.

One of the most complicated methods of waste management treatment is implemented at the slaughterhouse. Hi-tech machines and systems treat the output of poultry production like the feathers and the internal organs.

The rendering plant, which is part of the slaughterhouse, operates with the highest technology in the field. The poultry fat is recovered and used to produce energy which is considered part of the company’s energy management.

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