Economic and Social


National Poultry Company is one of the most important and largest private-sector companies that contribute in developing agricultural and industrial capabilities in Jordan through continuous investment. NPC plays a serious role in the economic growth in the Jordanian south by providing over 1500 jobs for local males and females of different qualifications. NPC also contributes in training university students and fresh graduated agriculture engineers, in addition to various activities that effectively contribute towards community development. Through continuous work and project development NPC seeks outstanding performance in developing this important sector and to be part of development plans for Jordan’s economy and local communities. NPC’s goals is to keep working closely with local governmental authorities to improve and develop this sector in the country, not only to offer excellent food but to develop local communities through job opportunities and training in addition to participating in social occasions. NPC offers yearly university scholarships for youth who face challenges in developing themselves. NPC also participates in many programs through nonprofit organizations that operate in the country to support poor families for better living.


The National Poultry Company is committed toward the local community and is part of it. As a policy, NPC never forgets that businesses depends on the local community. NPC gives priority to local citizens who are nearest the business site to join and be part of the company family. Company‘s sites are spread over different geographic areas in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordon. NPC is committed to supporting local traders who serve others in the same field in all business contracts. NPC is considered a major provider of high quality and affordably priced chicken feed to several chicken farmers. Several small business owners located at the operation sites of the company receive benefits and improve their profits due the opportunities that NPC offers. NPC cares about its neighbors at each business site, supports many families, provides education scholarship and training for fresh graduates.


National Poultry Company is the largest chicken producer in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Since 1994, the company has invested in projects that develop the business. It reached 70 million dollars of sales in 2013.

Now, NPC has 10 breeder farms with an average production of 5-6 million eggs from each flock. The company has a hatchery that operates with developed scientific methods with the capacity to provide 29 million chicks. NPC has 13 broiler farms with a production capacity that reaches 17,000 – 18,000 chicks per house. The company has a feed mill with a production capacity of 36 tons per hour. NPC has a slaughterhouse with production capacity of 6000 birds per hour. The company has a meat processing plant that provides a wide range of frozen processed chicken, meat and canned products.

The National Poultry Company, with continuous investment supports economic development in all areas of operation.

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