NPC’s slaughterhouse operates at the production capacity of 12,000 birds per hour with a quality controlled integration process. Through adopting the ISO 9001;2015 from the first step until the final products are delivered, NPC aims to distribute products of different portions and sizes to meet consumers’ needs.


The production process starts with the collection and transportation of live chicken from the broiler farms to the slaughterhouse, which is managed with a fully equipped vehicle that ensures an appropriate environment during the transportation.

The first step after the chickens arrive is weighing. Samples are then taken before the live chickens are moved to the hanging area where they are hung into the clean stainless steel shackles. The process is implemented under the supervision of experienced staff as this is the first step to ensure the quality of the final product.


The exceptionality of the chicken slaughterhouse comes from advanced technology equipment that are consistent with the manual Islamic method of slaughtering (Halal).

The bleeding chickens are lifted for a period of time prior to being entered into the scalding and automatic plucking machine which is operated with the highest technology standards. The process continues with head and feet removal done by modern technology machines with quick, precise and high level of efficiency.

Moving on to the automatic evisceration line, which comprises several operational machines that work with the most developed technology and quality standards, starting with the vent and opener, evisceration, giblet harvesting, heart/lung separators, giblet sorting, gizzard harvester, cropper, neck removal, up to the final sophisticated inspection followed by internal and external washing that is fully controlled and maintained to ensure no contamination takes place and that the final product is safe and of the highest quality.


The chickens are passed into the screw chiller which is a water bath to reduce the chickens’ temperature gradually for 20 minutes, and to the air cooling line for another 45 minutes. This special production process is the most important to protect the final product from the bacterial pollution that could rapidly corrupt the chicken and ensure it meets customers’ trust and satisfaction.


Chicken weighing, sorting and quality grading are ensured before the packing stage by the most developed machines. The quality grading machine is designed with special parameters that result in dropping the chickens that do not meet the quality standard.


Automated packing consists of 18 points, each with a funnel. The packing process is supervised by trained staff to ensure that the chicken is packed into plastic bags correctly.


An automatic cut-up and packing machine produces a wide range of chicken portions that meet consumer’s expectations.


Fully equipped with the most developed high quality refrigeration and freezing system.


All NPC products are healthy and safe to meet consumers’ satisfaction. They adopt the most advanced technological equipment that are consistent with the manual Islamic method of slaughtering (Halal), and follow the highest global standards at all production process stages.

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