Our Clients


National Poultry Company (NPC)’s goal is to satisfy clients at local and export markets, to meet the needs of each market channel and each segment at targeted market.


NPC developed several product categories to meet lifestyle consumption, with quick responses to product development that meet the continuous changes in consumer behavior and attitude. NPC has adopted marketing strategies for each market that satisfies customers and meets their expectation.

Our main promise
“Premium Product Quality” and “Great Taste”


NPC studies in depth the food service product range and keeps developing products that meet channel requirements for fast food or fine dining. NPC expands its service of food services and has become a specialist by offering tailor made products.


NPC works with retail and food service customers at local and export markets to develop labeled products that meet targeted consumers at specific markets or specific market channels.


We aim to meet consumers’ wishes with our commitment to “product quality, great taste, nutrition and variety. Our quality production process controls start with raw material selection that guarantee the quality of the final product. NPC continuously develops new product recipes to meet the expectation and changes in consumers’ attitude and demands. NPC continuously develops variety of convenience and easy to prepare products that meet the needs of different consumers’ lifestyle. NPC continuously develops product to improve the nutritional value of all products, chicken or processed meat, to provide consumers with nutritious, low fat products. NPC continuously develops products that create continues value for consumers’ by providing products that meet the expectation on all occasions.

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