Food Safety farm to fork

National Poultry Company believes that to ensure food safety from farm to fork, it is important to commit to proper processes at all times and at every step.

It is not only a belief but part of company culture. The food safety chain starts at the chicken farm and leads to the consumer’s table.

At Breeders’ and Boilers’ Farms:

Day-one-chicks are reared under strict food safety programs and environmental control. Chickens are reared in large closed houses constructed using the latest state-of-the art technology to ensure full protection and appropriate environment. Feed is 100% grain, produced by the National Poultry Feed Mill according to the highest international quality standards. Special and suitable vaccination programs are adopted with monitoring of their effectiveness. Routine cleaning of equipment and vehicles. Strict procedures for employees and visitors. A special team of scientists and laboratory technicians work continuously to improve chicken health and nutrition with a commitment to advancing food safety


Clear regulation and roles for each transport vehicle used among the business units or throughout distribution to the local market. Trained drivers manage the product safety of the live chicken or the finished product.

Slaughterhouse and Meat Process Plant

Trained operation teams perform best practice. Additionally, internal audits and third-party audits take place to ensure safe food practices.


Cold rooms, freezing units and final product storage are supported with developed cooling unit to keep the product safe. There, 24 hours temperature monitoring takes place.

At Stores and Restaurants

Product is delivered using safe handling. Retail and restaurant owners are educated on how best to keep the product. Clear and accurate labeling information is used on the final product.

On the Consumer’s Table

Clear information is labeled on every final product that contains instructions of how to keep and prepare products. Detailed ingredient information and nutritional values are printed on each bag of final product.

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