Food Safety and quality assurance

The National Poultry Company, a leader in the poultry industry in the local market, adopts the farm-to-plate food safety concept by implementing the food safety system and quality management assurance system that lead to the production of safe and quality products that meet or exceed the consumers’ expectations.

Throughout the production process, NPC follows strict procedures, clear documentation, defined methods of control, and audited practice to ensure product safety. The independent quality department is responsible for the strict implementation of the food safety system and the quality assurance programs in each of the company’s operation sites.

Special education and training programs are designed for the operational team to ensure the implementation of the food safety system and quality assurance programs. Also, random lab analysis for poultry and processed meat is frequently implemented to ensure that the final product meets the standards.

On the product packaging, clear information is explained for consumers about product handling, storage and product preparation for whole chicken, cut-ups, and processed chicken and meat.

Moreover, employees receive a medical examination prior to employment and every six month, whereby a valid health certificate is issued each time.

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