The National Poultry Company is having a modern fleet that is fully equipped according to the international standard of safety and environment standards.

NPC is having the regulation and roles for each transport vehicle either used among the business unities or distribution to local market. Loads of eggs from breeders farms to hatchery, loads of the one-day-chick from hatchery to broilers farms, loads of live chicken from broiler farms to slaughterhouse, loads from slaughterhouse and meat process plant to company distribution centers are managed by the company fleet which is operated with specific and exact specification that meets the standard of safety and environment according to the nature of load from each function.

All Company’s drivers are having a training of how to manage the product safe, how to manage the fuel consumption and to report any mechanic or electricity finding to the company maintenance department in order to take the proper corrective action.

NPC is working with the most professional transport companies that are working with highest standard to ensure receiving all its product input in good condition.

NPC is distributing the final product to domestic market (multi outlets of retail and food service ) by modern fleet transport refrigeration vehicle that are equipped according to the international standard of keeping the regular cooling and freezing cycle of the final product.

To minimize the number of loads to market, the company fleet is a pool divided per geographic area
Preventive maintenance program is implemented to ensure the standards at all times.

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