Quality Policy & Food Safety


NPC operates according to the latest scientific and technical methods of breeding and producing poultry in an integrated method starting with the production of input, and ending with the processing and manufacturing of meat to be distributed. The specifications of the wide range of items and categories are produced to meet customers’ expectations under accurate local and global health and quality standards (Jordanian standards and specifications). Products are controlled throughout the entire process to gain consumers’ confidence and satisfaction.

In order to achieve its objectives, NPC has adopted the quality management application (ISO 9001: 2008) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The company also works to develop these systems and to review its objectives based on quality management system procedures.


The onsite laboratories are advanced and well-equipped to perform all the required testing in terms of microbiological, chemical and sensory evaluation for all incoming material and finished products.


NPC implements traceability throughout the production process to improve product quality, reduce any risk related to food safety and establish credibility by providing reliable information.


NPC recognizes its environmental, economic and social responsibilities. It is committed to sustainability practices that they have become a guide to steer the company’s daily business activities. Therefore, a sustainability department has been established to develop and maintain all requirements related to sustainability issues and to ensure that the company conforms to its sustainability policy.

The company aims to continually improve the environment, energy sources, and social policies and procedures by developing numerous programs that protect and sustain the environment and promote the wellbeing of its employees and the community wherever the company operates.


As part of the slaughterhouse, a rendering plant operates using the latest technology for the objective of saving energy and the environment.


NPC’s modern waste water treatment plants convert the neighboring desert areas to green land.

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