National Poultry Company is the largest chicken producer in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Since 1994, the company invested in many projects to develop the business and reached 70 million dollars of sales in 2013.

Now, NPC has 10 breeder farms with an average production of 5-6 million eggs from each flock. NPC has a hatchery that operates using developed scientific methods with the capacity to provide 29 million chicks. The company has 13 broiler farms with a production capacity that reaches 17,000 – 18,000 chicks per house. NPC has a feed mill with a production capacity of 36 tons per hour. The company has a slaughterhouse with production capacity of 6000 birds per hour. NPC has a meat processing plant that provides a wide range of frozen processed chicken, meat and canned products.

The National Poultry Company, with its continuous investment, supports economic development at all areas of operation.

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